Hello, I thought I would send some pictures of the old cracked concrete deck and then the new SquareDecko deck. Your product was easy to use and I cut the tiles using a tablesaw. I used the Tapcons for the concrete fastening and we love the new deck which is very easy to clean and we have no more ugly concrete to look at. 

Greg Warnock, Trochu, Alberta


Here are some photos of our new Square Decko deck, as promised. Having never used it before, my partner Rand, who did all the work himself, did a great job, I think! It is a barbeque deck off the side of the house and so it has stairs on both sides and we are especially happy at how finished and professional they look. Congratulations, again, on having an extraordinary product that looks wonderful, is very well engineered so that it installs easily, and will be very durable. We couldn't be happier! 05-06-12 Just want to let you know that we are still after two years extremely happy with our square decking. It is a very excellent product! Thank you very much!

Sandra, Alberta

Hello,  We are from Calgary AB and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have developed.  We installed it July 2012; it has gone through 2 winters and it looks as good as the day we installed it. This is the deck almost 2 years later and it still looks great.

Anonymous, Alberta